Hiking trails starting from our farmhouse

Schmalzlhof – ruin of castle Hauenstein – ruins of castle Salegg – Völser Weiher lake – Tuffalm – Hofer Alpl

That is great, that you can start this leisurely hike with so many possibilities direct from our house. You walk at first in direction of Bad Ratzes, further to the instructive and worth seeing ruin of castle Hauenstein (1.201 metres on sea level) and to the ruins of castle Salegg (1.106 metres on sea level). If you are in the mood for going further, you can walk downhill to the former Hotel Salegg, onward across meadows and woods and after ca- 3 hours you will reach the Völser Weiher lake (1.036 metres an sea level).

This small bathing lake is at the deepest 3,5 metres deep. In summer you can swim in its best quality water, in winter you can ice-skate, if you like. Directly near the lake you will find two resting points and one info point of the nature park Schlern-Rosengarten.

If you want to go ahead for ca. 45 minutes on a forest trail, you will reach the Tuffalm with its local flavour and delicious specialities, a playground, and a wonderful view.

If you prefer a quieter scenery instead, we recommend walking for about other 45 minutes to Hofer Alpl (1.364 metres on sea level).


Schmalzlhof – Marinzen – Schafstall

You can start this hiking from our farmhouse too. You walk in direction Seiser Alm for some metres along the road closed to vehicles, then bend to the left at the forest trail with the signs „Marinzen“ and walk further leisurely for other 30 minutes, more or less, across woods and meadows to the alp. There you will find a big playground, many sun-loungers to relax, some animals and many local specialities. If you want some culinary delight more, you can walk for extra 30 minutes to the smaller and quieter Schafstallhütte.


Schmalzlhof – St.Valentin – St. Michael

Directly from our famrhouse you can sart this hike to Sankt Valentin. The trail leads you along the meadows above Kastelruth and offers a wonderful view to the Grödner Tal / Val Gardena. After about 4 kilometres you will reach Sankt Michael. This hamlet is under the Panider Sattel / Passo Pinei at about 1.200 metres on sea level and presents an outstanding view of Kastelruth. Because of its location, Sankt Michael is the spatial and speaking border between the plateau of Kastelruth and the Val Gardena.
We recommend visiting the Romanic church in Sankt Michael. The paintings they uncovered on the outside are from the 15th century. The fresco wall-paintings are from the18th century instead.


Schmalzlhof – Bad Ratzes – Schlernbödele – Seiser Alm

If you are in the mood for walking, you can go to Bad Ratzes (1.212 metres on sea level). There you will find a big playground.
If  you are now in the mood for going upwards and you have all you could need with you, you can reach the Schlernbödele hut (1.725 metres on sea level) in about 1,5 hour and eventually even the Seiser Alm or in  about 2 hours the Schlernhaus / Rifugio Bolzano (2.457 metres on sea level).

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